How to navigate a quiz

When you take a quiz, there are a few buttons that may come in handy as you work your way through the questions.


If you come to a question you are not 100% sure about, you can use the Review button to flag the question for later review. This will highlight the question in orange so you can easily identify those questions marked for review. Only questions that have no answer selected can be marked for review

If you select an answer before you click Review, you will need to deselect the answer first, then mark the question for review. You will not be able to deselect your answer if the question has a single choice answer. In this case, you'll need to note down the question and come back to it later.  

Answered questions are marked in green.

Quiz Summary

At any time during the quiz, click the Quiz Summary to see a summary of how many questions you've answered.

Back Button

You can answer questions in any order. You can use the Back button to go back to a previous question. 

Finish Quiz

When you have answered all the questions a Finish Quiz button will be displayed. Click this to submit your answers for final scoring. 

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