Allowing access to view embedded Vimeo videos

If Vimeo is blocked by your organisation Firewall, you can try adding the following URLs to a Domain/URL filtering policy.

Specific access to Learn ViewPoint videos

Granting access to both the Vimeo Player and the Vimeo CDN will generally allow only specific videos to play. In other words, the videos accessed through Learn ViewPoint. 

  • *.

Access to a single Learn ViewPoint video

Adding the following rule will provide access to a single Learn ViewPoint video.   
where VIDEO_ID is the unique 9-digit number given to each Vimeo video and forms part of the video's URL. Add this URL for each video you need to allow.

General access to Learn ViewPoint videos and other Vimeo content

For general access to all content on, then the following need to allow * Providing access to 

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