Group Reporting

Group Reporting gives Group Leaders the ability to view real-time user activity through the courses linked to your membership. Group Reporting comprises of the following interfaces and functionality:

Group Filtering and Reporting

This panel provides you with filters and information about your organisations courses and users who are enrolled in the courses. You can choose to view users and progress by course, review a selected user's activities or email users in your group from the Learn ViewPoint platform.  
Group Filtering is broken into two sections:
Your membership will be the only option available for selection. Further filtering can be done by courses, users and course status. Once the filters are set, you need to click the 'Filter' button to apply the filters. If you change the criteria again, don't forget to click Filter to apply the changes. The results will be shown in the Group Reporting panel
You may wish to use the Group Reporting email notification feature. This feature allows you to email users enrolled in your membership. For example, you can choose to email anyone who has not yet finished a course, or you can select just a handful of users to message. 
For example, to email all users in the Group:
  1. Set the Filter to 'all individuals' who have completed the 'Entity Administration' course. 
  2. Select the specific users you want to email. As you select users, the email section in the Group Filtering panel changes to let you know the total number users who will received the email.
  3. Apply the filter
  4. When you've finished selecting the users, click on the email tab in Group Filtering, type subject and message ad click Send. 
Please note that the email will be sent from the Learn ViewPoint platform and should not be replied to.  

Progress Chart

The Progress Chart allows you to see how many users haven't started, are in progress, or have completed the course. You can gain further insight into exactly how far along users are for a particular course (i.e. 20% complete versus 80% complete). This is activated based on the group filters selected. You can see the numbers when you hover your mouse over the corresponding graph. 

Group Progress Activity

The Activity Stream panel displays the real-time activity of users' interactions with the courses. Anytime a lesson is marked complete, quiz completed, or a course is finished – it is captured in the activity stream. You can also download all course and quiz activity by clicking either the Course or Quiz buttons. These are presented in a CSV format for downloading. 
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