Enroll or unenroll from a membership

Your organisation has a limited number of users allowed to enroll in courses on Learn Viewpoint. Users who have been added to the membership can take all courses available on Learn ViewPoint. If you have questions about enrolling in your organisations membership, check with your HR or learning program administrator.

Enroll in a course

Your organisation will have access to any course in the Learn ViewPoint library. You can see a list of available courses on your dashboard.
From the dashboard, once you have selected and opened the course you want to take, click the "Launch Course" course button to start a lesson in the course Focus Mode. 

Save a course for later

You can stop a course at any time and exit the course Focus Mode. This will pause the course at the lesson you exit on. You can then go back to the lesson at a later time by selecting it from the course lesson listing.

Unenroll from a course

You can unenroll from a course if: 
  1. your organisation decides to terminate their membership to Learn ViewPoint, or 
  2. you leave the organisation.  
If you decide to leave your organisation, notify your HR or learning program administrator who will deactivate your account.
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